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Flylady again. I signed up late on the first. Between the first and the second, I received eight emails. Seven emails on the third, and so far today I have received nine. So 24 emails. Four of those were things to do. The rest were selling things or ‘motivational’. I think I am now going to unsubscribe from Flylady. She has a good idea, but check out her website instead of emails, is my advice.

Beirut Explosion Videos

Did you see the videos of the explosion in Beirut? We hear about things, maybe see a bit on the news, but seeing these videos and those done by people on the streets in the aftermath, were just horrific. I cannot imagine how devastating it was for anyone in the radius of the explosion, and it was a pretty big radius. It looks like an accident brought upon by storing volatile items in too close proximity, and not an act of terrorism. I don’t know if realizing it came from neglect and really piss poor safety measures is better than if it was deliberate, but either way, once you’ve seen the various videos of the actual explosion, you will not soon forget it. How sad for all of those affected, and the loss of life is just horrible. I imagine there will be a lot more deaths, because it was massively destructive. What a horrible thing to happen. They were finally having some semblance of normal life in Beirut after so much war. Horrible, horrific, I don’t even have the words to describe this.

3 thoughts on “Just Whatever

  1. Had to look up what flylady is, I’d never heard of it. I reckon it would be just another way of wasting time for me… and if it just turns into ads, well then you ight as well ditch it. Cold here. Everyone else got snow, but we didn’t and I’m kind of disappointed. Not that I want the hassle, but we had that anyway.

    • Snow. It’s been hot and muggy here for sometime. Snow sounds nice. 🙂 I found flylady helpful at one time, just to get into a routine of doing things like I used to have way back before I became ill. But now it is pretty much just a money-making venture. Some good stuff there, but no worth wading through the ‘buy this’ crap.

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