How’s It Going, World?

Oh, people, it’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been sitting here every day staring at the world out there. Gorgeous weather than I am not out in. Hate to turn around and look into the apartment, which is kind of in a state of black tornado havoc. Real life is hard. Been alone to long. The signs are there. Mare’s tails, right? Window streaks are because the seal has broken. The other window is much worse. Much worse.

But today, after spending the morning making up a grocery list for delivery, I closed it out without ordering and took a nap. This afternoon I cleaned the kitchen, meaning loaded dishwasher and washed down the stove and cabinets and moved a couple things to better places. Small kitchen, not a lot of places to put things. I am going to make four-bean salad and bake a cake when I’m done here. I hope. It’s only 7:30 pm, still pretty light out, I can pretend it’s daytime, right? Besides I don’t usually get to sleep til 2 or 3 am, so might as well use this time to accomplish something.

Do I dare show pictures of the half of the living room that is a mess. The side with the tv/fireplace/Gertrude’s rocking chair is quite neat. LOL Hmmmm. What does that say?

Trust me, it’s not always this bad. Boxes from deliveries over the past two months that I did not have enough energy to break down. Things on table are from trying to find a place for some things and so far failed. You’ll notice the large expanse of bare wall where there used to be a calendar and a decorative mirror. Gertrude prefers this style of decorating, apparently, since she ripped most thing right off the wall. I move the mirror because she kept trying to make it swing. The fan and clock are pretty much all she left, only because she could not reach them. She just plays with the things next to the pass-through. She is soooo cute. LOL Stay safe, everybody. Just because they say you can mingle, does not mean you should.

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