It’s going well.  And it’s not going well.  Watching Imagine Dragons live on youtube.  Yes!  Keeping up with dishes and hand laundry, playing with Miss G here and there.  Getting by okay.  But…..I have things I want to do, things I need to do, I made a plan for keeping up with the cleaning and tidying.  So far I’ve done none of it.  Start out well, then with my morning coffee, I fire up the old piece of crappity crap carp laptop, and that’s pretty much it for most of the day.  I have a lot of back pain, which is a deterrent to doing things, but I think I also am just avoiding life, pain, being alone, never going out, etc.  I have been here before, I remember.  Before I had a friend nearby, before I had people coming in to do those things I can’t really do very well, before I was able to go out and have some fun with my friend now and then.  I don’t like this, but I am just kind of going with the flow.  One thing I’ve have learned since getting fibro is that it is completely non-productive to beat myself up over things I pretty much have no control over.  Listen to your body, go with the flow, do what you can, when you can.  Hopefully, things will get better, I will get a grip, my back will miraculously heal and my fibromyalgia will just stop.  Yep. That’s going to happen.  🙂

One of my efriends sent me an email a couple of days ago that they were having really bad storms and tornadoes where he is.  Nothing since.  Don’t know if he’s okay, or if his dish blew off his roof, or what.  Sometimes shit happens. I’ve had a couple of efriends who just vanished, and you never know what happened to them.  Some blogs, too, where the person just suddenly stops posting and never posts again.  Leaves you wondering for a long, long time. What happened to them?  Are they okay?  And you never find out.

Still with the laptop issues.  My ipad works fine, so does my android phone, so it’s not Verizon this time, I think.  Have been using Edge because Firefox is just not working at all well, and trying it today again because why do other browsers not have a ‘save as text’ option, among other things? And the tabs keep crashing.  And crashing.  Looked it up and tried the solution, safe mode with no extensions.  Yeah, that worked.  Not.  I love my Firefox and have used it ever since I got a computer.  I try every new browser that comes along, but always go back because it has the extensions and perks I use all the time.  So why isn’t it working right? Ever since they started the every five minute update schedule, it has just gotten more and more broken.  Is it just me?  Is it like this for everyone?  Frustrated.

Oh, I do love Imagine Dragons.  Radioactive was my first, then Thunder, On Top of the World, which they just now sang live, and more and more and more.  Oh, Believer is up.  Later.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Well

    • That’s good news. The infection rates are dropping here, but with things opening up again, the first places (states, cities, whatever) are showing big increases. Too soon. Just saw two people notice each other across the street, say hi, and hug each other. Social distancing. Who needs it? We’re all immune by now, right? Have not been outside since March 11, and have been down to the lobby twice since then. Not taking any chances. Is this ever going to be over?

      • If we get a vaccine… meanwhile, places like Tasmania and New Zealand can live in their own little bubble, but only if we remain cut off from the rest of the world and constantly alert.

        • Living in my own little bubble. Much smaller than yours. LOL Good description, though. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous day, and here I am, just looking out the window. I want to go somewhere, do something, but better safe than sorry, I think. My friend called me from the parking lot across the street yesterday, and we had a long conversation looking at each other through window and windshield. LOL Gertrude participated a bit too. Well, she sat in the window for a bit. It was good.

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