Things. Or Stuff. Whatever.

I get this newsletter about wellness. It has headlines like ‘Six things a dentist says you should…..’, or 5 things a nutritionist want you to……, and like that. Which dentist? Which nutritionist? Are they good? How do we know? How did they get to be the one dentist or nutritionist or whatever that gets to tell you what to do, eat, etc., I want to know.

I have vaccuumed. In stages, but still, and cleaned out the bucket, which apparently no homemaker has done in eons. Need to wash it now. I love that vaccuum parts are washable now, and remember bags? OMG. Friends delivered groceries, meds, mail. It is a beautiful, beautiful, cool, cloudless blue sky day. 66 degrees and NOT humid.

Reading Tumblr and Twitter and OMG this is so not the country I used to think it is. So unbelievably upset and disappointed and angry with so many of my fellow citizens, who seem to think the Nazi way was a good way, although they don’t say that word. What has happened to us? I cannot engage too much with it, although sometimes I just have to comment on something, but I do retweet and repost things that seem important. I think we are done as the ‘light of the world’, and the country everyone wants to come to, as the country that led the fight for freedom and human rights, or so we were led to believe. Maybe it’s the truth coming out now. I don’t know. I just know it is very hard to cope with this.

I am making bread. Actually, I made the dough last night in the processor and put it in the frig for the very long slow rise. Longer rises, better bread, in spite of all those ‘bread in 0.2 seconds sites want you to believe. (Little quote from Torchwood there, if you know Torchwood.

The whatever is wrong in my head is bothering me a lot today. Bone infection? Brain tumor? None of the doctors I’ve seen have really cared, although I did have a cat scan a couple years ago, which didn’t show much. Whatever it is, I wish it would cure itself and leave me alone. It’s not easy when you are one of the invisible, one of the ones that the medical profession does not want to ‘waste resources on’, as I’ve heard said by some of them. My quality of life may not matter to you, but it matters to me. Dr. Welby is dead and gone in the American medical system.

I am having a very good day, though. For me. Something about the sky and the micro-climate I am in is very, very refreshing and invigorating and makes me want to Get Things Done. It’s a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Things. Or Stuff. Whatever.

  1. Blog posts with “the top x say x” or “the top x of ways to do x” are some of the highest read posts. That fact was in a marketing email I received. You don’t have to say who or if these people/ways/trends/what have you are real or verified or anything…just giving a number and a list gets the views. Bizarre.

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