Is a bit cold.  61 degrees and very windy yet again.  It has been windy every day for over a week or more.  Sky is beautiful with fewer pollutants dirtying it up, beautiful sort of peachy clouds at sunrise today.  I have north-facing windows only where I am.  Two in the living room, where my laptop desk is so I can see out while spending time on line, and two in the bedroom.  One bedroom window is open several inches and I can feel the wind blowing on my back.  In the other room, around the corner.  I drew this on google docs.  Who knew you could even do that?  I didn’t.  The left says ‘me’ and the right says ‘bedroom windows, and where the opening in the line is the wall going straight down.  Hey, I’m new at this drawing on docs thing.  I just thought it is completely bizarre that the wind coming in the bedroom window is blowing onto my back around the corner.  Two corners, actually.  Weird, weird, weird.  Yes, I have a lot of time on my hands here, people.  Happy Isolation.  🙂


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