Essential Workers

From the New York Times morning briefing:

One in three jobs held by women has been designated as essential, according to a Times analysis of census data. Nonwhite women are more likely to have essential jobs — cashier, emergency room nurse, home health aide and more — than anyone else.

Isn’t it interesting that ‘essential’ jobs, those we cannot really do without, are among the lowest paying jobs there are? This is how we value the workers who do the jobs that keep us going; the garbagemen, without whom we would be living in our own private garbage pits, grocery store workers, without whom we would have to pretty damn quickly learn how to grow our own food AND find a space to do it in, those who deliver your mail and packages, Amazon workers who get the stuff you think you need to you as quickly as possible. How many of these are not treated with respect by their own work places, too.  Not given what they need (masks, etc.) to stay safe while doing these jobs.  Some do not even get sick leave, let along PAID sick leave.  Think of all the people you encounter during a normal day, and how many of them are sort of ‘background noise’ that you don’t even really notice. They are the ones your survival depends upon, and they are the ones we value and pay the least. We should be ashamed, and I really hope one thing that comes out of this is a change in our priorities, and that we stop worshiping people with money, because they contribute nothing. They take, they do not give. Wake up, please.  Value and pay well all those people, and include teachers.  Good teachers and good education are more important than ever, since we seem to have lost any ability to think for ourselves and reason and question what we are told.  Good teachers can fix that.  Under educated people are very easily swayed and manipulated, as you can see by what is going on right now.  Please stop and think about what really matters, especially now.

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