As Requested

Comment turned into a blog post:

“I know, but I hate feeling guilty (because of buying from Amazon). Why does money turn people into such complete and utter assholes? He (Bezos) could give probably everybody in the country a hundred thousand dollars and wouldn’t even notice, because he has so much. Capitalism is a really terrible system. No matter the system, though, people are people. I am reading The Secret Lives of Trees, and even trees and fungi take care of one another, but people are ‘It’s all about me and I’m the only one who matters.’ I think we came up with religions so we could create a being who makes us the be all and end all. ‘Dominion over the earth’ is one thing I remember from the Bible. We wrote that book. People did. People came up with the whole concept of ‘we are the superior beings and have a right to do with all the other species as we will’. Oh, the hubris of humanity, the parasites of the planet. Everything on the planet is interconnected and depends on everything else to survive. Everything but us. Nothing needs us to survive. Nothing. We are the aliens, terraforming the planet to suit our needs and completely disregarding the species who were here first. Man, I am on a roll today. LOL”

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