I signed up for a free month of CBS all access so I could watch Picard, which was worth the hassle.  Binge-watched it.  It was so great to see some of the cast again.  I also came across a show with Alan Cumming, a favorite, called Instinct, which of course has been cancelled, because everything I like gets cancelled.  But the point is, it has a healthy, non-angst filled same sex relationship, which is really the best part of the show.  I love the female lead, Bojana Novakovic, someone I had never heard of.  The only nitpick I  have about her character is she is like 90 pounds and regularly manhandles and cuffs men who are twice or more her size.  Seriously?  Oh, and it has Naveen Andrews.  Yep.

Feeling kind of draggy, with no real desire to do anything at all.  It’s another gray day, too, and sunshine is always a mood lifter.  But I know this is not good, it is easy to fall into a slump and stop caring, and I do not want to go  there.  Hoping if I just take it easy today, tomorrow will be better.  I hope.  Yesterday was my birthday, and while I got some emails, I spoke to no one, which in some cases I completely understand, but it would have been nice if a friend had called just to say hi.  Everyone I know, has other people around them, but I am completely alone and except for a total of about five minutes seeing Tess and Ed for hand-offs, have been completely alone since March 12th, the last day my homemaker came.  I’ll manage, I always do.  I get into slumps and then I get back out of them again.   Yay me.  But meanwhile, bah humbug.  And all that jazz.

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