while in pain is not fun.  Not even a little bit.  My back hurts so much when I stand, and my damaged rotator cuffs are not cooperating either.  Ow, ow, ow, I have to sit down right now!  So anything I do takes 3 or 4 times longer than it normally would have done. But here I am, about to eat Fritos casserole while having a Guinness, because everybody knows Guinness goes with everything.  I decided, since I cooked the meat and onions in the iron skillet, to just do the whole thing in it.  I do love my iron skillets.

Reading my emails, not of whiich are political, but all of which now h=have comments or articles about the current situation.  This one:  state alliances has a little bit to quote:  “the repeated failures of an astonishingly stupid president”.  That’s the thing, isn’t it?  Are his supporters also astonishingly stupid, or are they just criinally undereducated.  It is easy to sway undereducated people who have not been taught to think and question, who just blindly believe whatever Trump and Fox News feeds them.  There are armed people out demanding lockdowns be lifted.  Did you really understand why they are there?  Did you really think through the ramifications of ‘business as usual’ during a pandemic, where there is not way to easily tell if you are rubbing up against someone who is a carrier?  This is why education matters. This is why it is vital to fund schools exceptionally well, and pay teachers commensurate to the value of what they are doing.  We should be hiring and paying for the best, but we do not value teachers or education.  So here we are as a result. Thousands of us think this ‘astonishingly stupid’ man who thinks he is king of the country is just the best thing ever.  Because we do not have the  skills to make a competent, rational assessment of what is really happening here.  Our priorities need a serious reset.

And now for the ‘good’ news.  We are under a winter weather advisory.  Possible 1-4 inches of heavy wet snow.  Fun times.  What about the flowers on the trees across the street, Mother Nature?

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