Gorgeous Day Here, Finally

Sunny, 60 degrees.  Did I open a window?  I did not.  It is still cold in here.  Foot thick brick walls make weather interesting.  It takes a long time to warm up after winter, and a long time to cool down after summer.  I like it.

Listened to an address from the Queen.  She said this:  “I hope in the years to come, everyone will be able to take pride in how they responded to this challenge,”  which made me think about the lovely Americans who are hoarding and scamming and cheating and every other rotten thing they can think of to make money off of other people’s suffering.  Unfortunately, people like that do not have consciences, so they’ll probably be proud of how evil they are.

Here’s another helpful source. Stopping Misinformation

I have a problem.  I think I mentioned a while back my Fire Stick quit working.  I thought Miss G had loosened the connection or something.  Last night I maneuvered the tv and jiggled all the plug-ins.  Works fine now  Phone works fine.  None of my kindle products will connect. My iPad works fine.  My Kobo will not connect.  What the heck?  Any ideas, suggestions, fixes?  Anybody?  I can transfer things via cords, but it’s inconvenient and annoying. Stuff should just work, shouldn’t it?

excentricison at gmail dot com if you have any helpful ideas.  Thank you.

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