A Song For Today

From Here:  Passenger

Well, I know there’s pain and suffering                                                                          You can feel the tension in the air                                                                                  But they can see the stars shine in Beijing                                                                  Hear the birds’ song in Times Square                                                                                But I know you’re feeling insecure                                                                                From all these changes that come to pass                                                                    But the sky is blue in Singapore                                                                                    And they can smell the ocean in Belfast                                                                              Don’t get me wrong This ain’t no happy song                                                                And there’s nothing you can hold onto For now                                                                But when you’re feeling low, my dear                                                                            Just know the water’s crystal clear                                                                                And the fish are swimming In the Venice Canals                                                              Well, I know there’s heartbreak and sorrow                                                                  And I know there’s really nothing I can say                                                                  We’ll be closer tomorrow, in the end of all this Than we are today                                      So watch the sunset from your window                                                                        Hear the rain fall on the ground                                                                                          Tell your loved ones that you love them                                                                        And miss the ones that aren’t around                                                                          Don’t get me wrong This ain’t no happy song                                                               And there’s nothing much you can hold onto For now                                                         When you’re feeling low, my dear Just know the water’s crystal clear                               And the fish are swimming In the Venice Canals

Some interesting podcasts about ‘Our Plague Year’ as these authors are calling it.

Our Plague Year

Some possibly helpful articles:

Rental Assistance

Reusing Face Masks

Making Face Masks

And an interesting article about the food supply:

Food Waste during the crises

I think that’s it for now.  So much info out there.  Tons of vids on youtube.  No need to be bored, for sure.

Miss G and I had a very good day yesterday, I had a not so good night, and today we are both in kind of the blahs. My friends Tess and Ed came for the grocery/mail-trash/check hand-off.  Such good friends  How fortunate am I?  Unfortunately for Gertrude, I shut her in the bedroom, because getting into the hall is not a good thing, so Ed did not get to see her.  He only recently discovered he is a cat person, thank you Miss G.  LOLOL   Everything I wanted was in the store, so that was good.  It was just a few things, but necessaries.  Got some yeast and some flour so I can bake my own bread if need be  Also found a lot of vids about making your own starter, which I have done many years ago.

I miss Tess.  We always have fun, no matter what we do.  We used to play computer games a lot, but not so much any more.  Now we usually go out and about.  I miss that, too. Email and the occasional phone chat are nice, but not the same.  My daughters are emailing me a lot more than ever before, so that’s nice, too.  Mainly, Miss G and I just hang and play weasel on a string a lot.  I tried other toys, but the weasel is our favorite.  My arm does not love it, however

Hope you all are keeping safe, assuming anyone is actually reading this.  Tess made me a mask, so when I have to go downstairs to grab Amazon packages, I am good.  🙂

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