2 thoughts on “Did I Post This Already?

    • I usually have an idea, because this homemaker comes on Tuesday and she was here yesterday so it must be Wednesday, or that homemaker comes on Friday, and SHE was here two days ago, so It must be Sunday. No homemakers now, and I do not have tv to say I watched such and such show last night and it’s on Saturday, so it must be Sunday. Streaming services don’t care what day it is. 🙂
      So long as I remember to feed the cat morning and evening, it doesn’t really matter what day it is anyway. Except for Tess coming three times to do hand-offs with groceries, mail, and trash, I haven’t interacted with another human since March 12th, the last day a homemaker came. I see people outside, cause my desk is in front of the windows and the 7-eleven and the laundromat are right across the street. But no actual talking to anyone. Thank goodness for email. 🙂 Hope you are keeping safe and not going stir-crazy. Keep in touch.

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