Crazy Cat

is crazy.  Full of energy, getting into everything, and she wakes up that way.  Why can’t I?  She is not quite so teeny, but still oh, so cute.

Day before yesterday, I heard a very low-flying plane go over, but did not see it.  Last night, one was flying so low, coming almost straight at my building, I really thought it was going to hit the top floor.  It is a four-story building.  Then later, a big bolt of lightning looked like it was right across the street from me.  Should I start worrying?  LOL

Trying to get things done. Not as better as I was.  Been on 9mg prednisone since the 11th, so maybe that’s the issue.  I don’t know.  I liked feeling good, and having very little pain, and it’s kind of starting up again.  Not as bad as it was, but still.  Anyway, it’s a gorgeous fall day.  Me and Miss G are enjoying it. 

And this is me getting punked by my homemaker Charles, when I asked him to get me the smallest squash.

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