Oh, My.

My old laptop has had to be semi-retired.  It kept freezing up every few minutes, and then I would be forced to wait for many more minutes for it to unfreeze its little self.  It was working pretty badly over all, anyway.  Even cds (it’s the last laptop on the planet that has a drawer, I think) would only randomly play.  So hauled the “new”  (ha ha) one into its spot and put the macbook where it used to reside.  The “new” one was working really badly, too, so I backed up everything it was possible to back up and did a wipe it out recovery thingy.  Whew.  This has all taken several days, but the setting everything back up was fun.  I like doing stuff like that.  Hoping this one works reasonably well for a while, at least, but I really need to get more up on using the macbook. It is a steep learning curve for someone who has only known windows since first getting a computer.

I am doing quite well, surprise, surprise.  No way to tell how long it will last, but am enjoying it while it does.  Getting things done between getting exhausted trying to keep kitty out of everything it is possible to get into, and spending lots of play time trying to wear her out.  OMG she is so teeny and cute.  I cannot get over how teeny she is.  My friend Tess brought her husband over to see her the other day, and he kept going on about how teeny she is just like I do.  Because she is so teeny and cute.  I have stopped taking pictures of her every five minutes, but I am hoping to have some sort of visual record of how she grows.  Everyone thinks she will be a small cat.  She has tiny paws and the tiniest little face, but she has long, skinny legs, so maybe she will grow into them.  She throws herself around with absolutely no sense and no fear and I really worry she will break something, like a leg.  She thinks she can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but really, she can’t.  Does not stop her from trying though.  I can’t brush my teeth without her flinging herself all over the bathroom.  Porcelain is slippery, Gertrude, and crashing into it from another bit of porcelain, or crashing to the floor from the sink…not good.  Not good at all.

Her schedule and mine are not exactly in sync.  She runs around like a madwoman all morning, and we all know I am NOT a morning person.  Then she sleeps all afternoon, when I am actually awake, and then runs around again later in the evening and very late, when I am actually having a shot at getting some sleep.  Fun times, people, fun times.  She still rubs her entire body all over my face, which is fun when I am trying to read or binge-watch The Good Place or something.

For someone with such unlimited amounts of energy, she doesn’t seem to eat very much.  I am giving her Blue Buffalo wet food for kittens, and she maybe eats a quarter of a can twice a day.  Sometimes more, but not always.  I am going to try different brands to see if she’ll eat more, but she seems fine and all.  I duckduckgo’d good food for kittens and have a couple brands to try.  No grains or crap in them.  Did I mention they were feeding her Friskies at her original home?  Dry as far as I know, and dry Friskies first two ingredients are corn.  Healthy kitties do not result from eating corn.  OMG.  Would you feed your kids nothing but spaghetti-o’s?  Probably some people would, so there goes that argument.

Your pets entire world, well-being, health, life depends on you.  It is your obligation to give them the best you possibly can, just like any sensible person would do for their children.  Pets are family members, not toys or things.  Treat them right.  Feed them well.  Sheesh!

My friends just adopted a puppy from someone whose house said puppy just turned up at.  They fed it and decided to keep it and then put it out back in a pen that had been used to keep birds and was filled with bird shit and crap.  OMG.  So my friend decided he was bringing that puppy home. All the way from Texas on a plane.  Yay, John.  Gorgeous puppy, from the pictures I saw.  Who would treat an animal like that first person? If you’re not going to do right by it, take it to the pound to be adopted.

See?  You can tell I’m better by how wordy I am.  LOLOL

Here she is September 6th.

Her she is today. It does look like she’s grown a lot.  Darn.  🙂

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