Well, Hello

It has been an interesting month, and it’s OCTOBER, my favorite month of the year. Cute kitty is cute, and unbelievably destructive. But cute.

I spend a lot of time exhausted from trying to keep her from breaking/shredding things or killing herself, and since I am better, have been going out a lot more than normal resulting in a lot of recovery time. Went to Westport, MA to see friend’s gorgeous new puppy, which he rescued from someone who was NOT taking care of it. They gave it up willingly. Had dinner and a fun evening at another friends, and she and I have gone out and about a lot more than usual. Meanwhile, I have developed some sort of executive function brain glitch in that, while I want to cook, I can’t, and I haven’t washed a dish or put a piece of clothing where it belongs, or picked up after the cat has wreaked havoc. Until today, when I did make a PF Chang thing that involved dumping in pan cooking ten minutes, and eating. I couldn’t even get myself to scramble an egg before now. Why?????

Then there are the computers. Old laptop is still slooow, but new piece of crap one, well…I try not to update, but one got by me, and now it will not boot. Thank you Windows. I get a black screen with a working cursor, which, after several minutes, changes to this:

Touching any key brings back the black screen.

Then there is Firefox and ‘kitty who walks on keyboard’ no matter how hard I try to stop her. She completely wiped Firefox while leaving it installed, among other feats of prestidigitation, and has now somehow duplicated all of my bookmarks. So many dupes that I had to find something to manage them which I did. It scanned,and is now, I hope, removing almost 130,000 (yes that’s correct) duplicates. It’s been a few hours and there are still nineteen thousand to go. Fun times, people. Really fun times. At least I have a backup computer. Lots of people don’t, I imagine. Microsoft has really gone to hell recently. Linux, anyone?

2 thoughts on “Well, Hello

  1. She is a computer genius, it seems. I didn’t even know you could do some the things she’s done from the keyboard. Makes things interesting, that’s for sure. Today is the vet, where I am having them trim her razor-sharp talons. I am so over being shredded. Tess and I tried to trim, but yeah, that went well. NOT.
    It is a rainy day, because we are having an ocean storm. I love rain. and the ocean, and storms, so it’s all good. LOL

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