Chronic Illness Can Be Fun

Oh, wait.  No it can’t.  I had a doctor’s appointment today, and had to use the Dial-A-Ride, which is a sort of state-run taxi service.  Got me to the appointment an hour early, then after, Ihad an almost meltdown, because first, the door I went out turned out to be at the back of the building and I walked all the way around to the front.  It is in the90’s, with a dew point near 80, so half way around I was already exhausted and in a lot of pain. Stopped to lean on a liht pole and call the Dial-A-Ride to pick me up.  Have to press one.  Could I remember how to press one on a cell phone?  Heck no.  Exhaustion and pain means non-working brain.  Fun times.  Called my friend, who was busy, but I was desperate, left a message.  Remembered how to dial an extra number, called DaR, tried to call friend back to say nevermind, phone would not work, then her machine would not pick up.  Waited almost an hour for DaR, and friend called just as I got my mail in the lobby.  Tomorrow will be recovery day.  One of the most limiting things about the illness is just that…when I am exhausted and in pain I cannot think what to do next, and I have been stuck out in the world not knowing how to get home.  Not fun.  But all is well now.  I am home in the nice cool air-conditioning.  Going to order in later, because meal prep is just not on.  🙂

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