Ah, Medicine

Took the Plaquinal, even though I wanted to wait til test results were back, but doctor was adamant.  By third day, the side effects were ON, man.  Fun times.  Stopped taking pills.  Turns out, don’t have either polymyalgia rheumatica OR rheumatoid arthritis anyway.  I  keep telling myself not to listen to doctors, but I’m usually exhausted and in pain and so get worn down into giving in.  But happy Jean is happy not to have another crap illness to contend with.

Am binge-watching Veronica Mars, one of my all-time fav shows, from the start before I get into season 4.  I saw the movie when it came out, and was so  pleased it was like an episode of the show.  Usually movies turn out to be crap, sometimes seeming to have nothing at all to do with the tv show.  Disappointing.  Sense8 was one that did it very, very well.  I had it on auto-play and didn’t even realize it was the movie til it was over.  Duh!  That’s good movie-making.

I have been Getting Things Done, some real-world, but a lot of computer stuff.  Completely wiped new laptop and set it up from scratch, and tinkered and played and mucked about, and it is actually working pretty well.  Been tinkering and cleaning and deleting tons of crap from the old laptop, and it too is working much better.  There are things you can find to do that I was unaware even existed, but I just keep clicking on things, and looking things up, and it’s all good.  So far.  Also started using Vivaldi Browser.  You can get extensions from the google play store while on Vivaldi, although some don’t work well, like Keep, but you don’t really need an extension for that.  Firefly has been my browser of choice since I first got on-line, but every update seems to make it work less and less.  It takes forever to open some pages, their address finally loads into the address bar, but then the page is just blank.  So keeping it for when I want to save pages as text, which for some reason vivaldi (and chrome) don’t do.  Why.

So off to have a beer with Veronica.  Oh, wait, she’s underage.  Off to have a beer while I watch Veronica..  Good times.

Update: Forgot.  The reason I am getting things done is Dr. also upped prednisone from 3 mg to ten.  After being in so much pain I could barely turn the key in the lock, three hours after the larger dose, I was 80% better.  Prednisone is a miracle drug, but it does some serious bad stuff along the way.  Serious bad stuff.  So ten til Thursday, then eight for a week, six for a week, then five til I see her in Sept.  I hope I don’t get worse as I decrease, which  is usually what happens.  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  Or not.  🙂

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