Gabapentin not doing anything, so waiting to hear from doctor about upping dose.  Pain is not fun.  At all.

Read a post about mental health and praying to get better.  Apparently there’s a belief that there is something wrong with you if praying doesn’t cure your mental health issues.  Does that work for broken legs, and other things as well?  I am so glad I am not religious.

The other thing is intrusive thoughts.  I spent quite a long time in therapy, and the most important thing I learned is to say firmly to myself ‘STOP’ whenever an intrusive thought pops up.  It takes consistency, like anything, but eventually it becomes an automatic response.  It made all the difference to my life.

I have kind of given up on my laptops with win10, and am using the old desktop with win7.  Win7 is so much better and user-friendly than 10.  I forgot in the interim, but now I am amazed at the difference.  At least I skipped over 8, which I did not ever see one good thing about.  Newer is not always better, Microsoft.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Too right about newer not always being better. Praying anything away doesn’t seem to do much, look at natural disasters. But hey, if someone famous signs your bible, it’s all good, apparently!

    • I think he thinks he’s god. Or a god. My country has disgraced itself. We’ve turned into a nation of morons. After Obama, an intelligent, articulate person, we are saddled with an under-educated buffoon. I’d pray him out if I thought it would work. I never understood the praying thing. Or the ‘My entire family was killed in a flood because god is testing me.’ So your family are just throw-aways? They don’t matter, because YOU are the important one. You are the one being tested. Oh, I am angsty today. LOL Sorry about that.

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