I have been.  The cymbalta messed up my sleep cycle, and the pain has been getting worse by the day, even though I haven’t taken it in a couple of weeks.  Maybe it’s NOT the cymbalta?  Anyway, doctor convinced me to try gabapentin, the lowest possible dose.  Took it last night, and less pain today.  Not a lot less, but less anyway.  Still have an overwhelming need to lie down after being up for two hours.  And that’s the other thing.  DST.  I hate DST with a passion, especially the spring change.  My normal wake up time of 10am is now 11 am, thank you for nothing.

just read a book

There has been a lot to rant about recently, but I have been in too much pain, and my computers have been such annoyances, I haven’t.

Here’s one thing.  Not really a rant, though.  A book.  Wouldn’t it be great if that was the problem, and it suddenly got fixed?  The level of stupidity humanity seems to have fallen to is frankly terrifying.  And now, I really need to go lie down.  🙂

Brain Wave
By Poul Anderson
From a Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author: When Earth finally escapes a magnetic field that has been suppressing intelligence on the planet for ages, humans and animals alike become smarter than ever before — changing the fabric of society.


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