Gabapentin Update

Took 200 mg last night, per dr’s orders.  Did not get to sleep any earlier, but had a very hard time waking up and slept til noon.  However, over all, I am much better today.  Much.  Am going to take 100 in the am, and 100 at night and see how it goes that way.  I know someone who takes 900 mg per day, so 200 is still a very low dose.  Hoping for no side effects because of that.

A couple of things.

Trump was signing bibles.  Seriously, I get the man is an idiot and probably senile, but his followers?  What on earth is their excuse?  My country.  IDEK.

Brexit.  Why don’t they just say it was a horrible idea and drop the whole thing?  How hard is that?

Daylight Saving Time.  Same thing.  Just drop it.  No need to go to Atlantic time or whatever, just start work an hour later if you’re that worried.  Or is it an hour earlier?  I really hate DST.  The spring one is just untenable.  Takes for ever to adjust.

Do you realize how stupid our species really is?  The things we do, the rules we make, the horrors we inflict on one another and on other species?  Saw a thing about how earth would do without us, because there is a small island that has been uninhabited for 90 years, and the ocean around it is thriving, because no human detritus, pollution, or waste is affecting it.  We are really the parasites here, doing the damage and ruining life for all the other species.  Except maybe cockroaches.  They seem pretty resilient.  Ewwww.


5 thoughts on “Gabapentin Update

    • Judging by what just happened in New Zealand, I have to agree. People like Trump make hate and violence seem acceptable. Why he is still in office, why Theresa May is still PM, these things are beyond my understanding. We are not third world countries run by dictators, but we are getting there fast. I don’t have regular or cable tv, and yet I still hear about all the crap that is going on. I’d have to be put away if it was in my face all day from the television.

  1. How is the gaba treating you? Himself took it and it didn’t go well. My neighbor, on the other hand takes the 900 and she loves it.

    • It was baaad news. Pain levels increased dramatically, hands did not look swollen, but felt like clown hands and very painful, in general, it was a disaster. Stopped taken it three or four days ago and today is the first day I have been able to do more than lie on the couch and sleep or moan and groan. Fun times. NOT. I keep telling them, if there is a one in a million chance of getting side effects, I will be that one, but they never believe me and push, push, push me to try different drugs anyway. Done, done, done.

      • I’m so sorry. It really messed with Himself, so I totally get it. Yeah, more and more…like that’s the answer. 😦

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