Another Cool and Gray Day

I am making Charles’s soup base. No fish yet, so will do the second part when I get fish, probably tomorrow. Lord, does it smell good. Plum tomatoes, red pepper, onion, jalapeno. That’s it. No water, no salt and pepper, nothing. After it Cooks a bit, you add oil, cook it a bit more, then add the fish. I’ll start with the oil part when I get the fish, although I am sorely tempted to just throw in a can of tuna. I make a tuna soup with V-8, potatoes, and tuna, but this smells so much better.

Laptop is doing the dreaded big update. You know, the one that everything I’ve read says to avoid. Right, like Windows would ever let that happen. Most everything is backed up on sticks, so hopefully, if it all goes wrong I won’t lose much.

I just ate, and yet the Call of the Soup is getting to me. Hope it turns out as delish as it smells.

Typing this on my phone, so no picture.

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