Good Morning

Up early, for a change.  Yesterday was my one good day in a row, apparently.  Today I am foggy again, aching all over, and tired.  Yay.  It’s cool and windy and this  mornings overcast seems to be slowly giving way to sun.  Very slowly.

What do I hope to accomplish today? Well, had a shower, and am now hoping to get enough energy to get dressed.  Been sitting here at the laptop for a couple of hours now.  Typical day.  Sitting at the laptop doesn’t make more pain, so I tend to spend a lot of time at it.  Or reading.  Which only causes my hands to cramp sometimes.  Cheerful today, aren’t I?

What am I looking forward to?  New summer shirts I ordered are meant to be delivered today, and Charles, my homemaker, is going to buy the ingredients and then make his fish soup for me.  It has jalapenos in it.  I like spicy food, just hope it’s not going to be smoke-from-my-ears hot.  I asked him for the recipe and he offered to cook it for me.  Yay, Charles.

This is from my birthday present from my friend Beth.  It’s Jacqui Lawson’s garden program.  I added the rain.

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