Falling Down On The Job

But much better today, finally.  Little update:  Just noticed the last good day I had was May 9th.  I used to be lucky to have one a month, so I guess I have improved.  🙂

Has gotten a bit humid.  Don’t love humid. Also gray, gray, gray.  Had our first thunderstorm of the season a few days ago.  Spectacular.  Wind, rain, thunder, lightning.  My lights went off/on just that quick at the same time the lights across the street went out. I had unplugged everything just in case.  I always do if there’s a bad storm coming.  I had friends who had every single electric item, including all their computers, fried during a storm they were not at home for.  Frig, tv, you name it.  All fried.  He was in IT, too, so knew to have surge protectors and all, but they did not help.  Caution is a good thing if you ARE home.

Brain fog has finally lifted.  Was looking for those housing papers yesterday, going through every single piece of paper I have, for the third time.  Nothing.  Looked again today, and the first thing I saw was one of the papers I need.  Brain fog is not fun.

Physically, not as much pain either, but I did take two Aleve and a melatonin last night.  Aleve seems to work more than the twelve hours its advertised as.  I try not to take it too often, because it can cause serious stomach issues.

Looking forward to the Sense8 movie.  Did you watch this show on Netflix?  I really loved it, so of course it got cancelled.  At least there’s a finish-up movie.  Almost did not watch the show, because it was very violent at first, but kept reading about it and decided to try again.  Hooked, hooked, hooked.  LOL

Going to go make some lunch.

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