Brain Fog, Brain Fog, Brain Fog

I am going around in a daze most of the time lately.  Not fun.  Trying to sort out my housing application, and cannot find two pieces of paper that are required.  Where are they?  I have looked through everything I can think of, but no luck.  Papers are due Friday.  Going to go over there and throw myself on their mercy, if I can ever get myself together enough to actually go outside. Housing is only half a block away.  I mean, really, Jean.  Get a grip

Am considering hiring someone to come in and organize the kitchen and bedroom for me, since my friend who said she would help has apparently forgotten I exist, and I am just not physically (or mentally, right now) able to do it.  You need to think to organize, and you need to move things  Not happening.  I need my kitchen more usable, so you don’t have to move things to get at the thing you need to cook the food you bought that is just moldering away in the frig.  Like that.  I need someone to make it easy for me, since I can’t seem to get it right, ever.  I’ve lost track of where things are, too, because I’ve had so many different people put dishes away and they just put them in random places, apparently.  God, I miss my Traci. She was my homemaker for so long, she just knew where things went, what needed doing, you name it.  Okay, done whining, and it’s not clearing up my brain, anyway.  I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone, or something.  A pea-soup fog in my  head.

I did buy a new coffee maker.  Put the grounds and water in, remember to put the mug on the plate thingy, and in the morning I just push a little button, and coffee.  I am much better at remembering to put the coffee, water, and mug in the right places at night than in the morning.  It makes one mug of HOT coffee, which is just right for me.

Weather has been cool, which has been lovely.  Mostly sunny.  Days start out gray, but then the sun sort of half wins out.

How am I feeling?  Think I explained that already.

What do I hope to accomplish?  Not walking into walls and things for today, at least.

I forget the rest.  Illness is so fun.  Oh, yeah. It can’t be good when you spend more time going back and correcting your nonsensical sentences and typing errors than writing the post in the first place, can it?  🙂

4 thoughts on “Brain Fog, Brain Fog, Brain Fog

  1. The coffee maker sounds like a very handy thing. Maybe if you can get someone to help you organise they could also label shelves in the kitchen? That way other helpers will know where the right spot is. It’s annoying when nothing’s where it’s supposed to be!

    • Not a bad idea, the labeling. Even when I tell someone every week ‘this goes her’, the first time I forget, they forget where they’ve been putting it every week. LOL
      Coffee maker is working out very well. Oh, yeah.

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