Day Two

Not sure how this is going to work.  I forgot I am usually in a hazy fog for a few hours after waking up.  Maybe I’ll try for evening, instead.  But here goes anyway.

What’s the weather like?     Cool, milky blue sky.  NOT humid.  Yay.

How am I feeling today?

Physically?  Woke up around 6.  Six!  In the morning. Will probably need a nap later.  Still a bit less pain, but the energy is just not there.  Took a shower, was going to do salute to the sun, then realized the body does not want to do this, so may try ellipse instead, Made coffee and ate some pineapple cottage cheese.

Mentally? Hazy fog, as I mentioned.  This is when I usually screw things up, like forgetting a crucial part of the coffee-making, but so far did okay.  Could just sit and stare at the wall, but am really trying to get the brain to work.

What did I do yesterday?  Started this idea. Payed my online bills.  I have two things I have to write checks for, and everything else I pay online.  So much easier.

What do I hope to accomplish today?   I’d like to load the dishwasher, but may leave it for homemaker.  Want to cook some sausage I bought, something I haven’t had before, but cooking is frequently more mental and physical effort than I can manage.  Would love to go outside, but pretty sure that isn’t going to happen.  I wish, I wish, I wish, I had an outside of my own.  Even a small balcony would do.  And I miss my garden.  Hoping to get homemaker to help me make ellipse accessible, because right now, the bedroom is a disaster.  I need a spare room for things like ellipses.  Ha!

What am I looking forward to?  Feeling better someday, if the prednisone works.  Getting new cushions for my couch, if my friend ever remembers she said she’d take me to the upholstery place near her.  I hate to remind her, or ask, because she’s the one who dropped me for being ‘too needy’ that time, and I only have two friends as it is, so cannot afford to lose one.  I’m usually more cheery later in the day.  🙂

These pictures are not by me.  They were taken May 5th.  There’s a street at the bottom of the first, and I live right across it.  This is looking north.  The second one is looking south, and you can see the top of my building way down just off center.  I live in a beautiful town.  I am fortunate in that.

12 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Here via your Tumblr. I empathise so strongly with your situation and, as someone who could only dream of finding the amount of motivation you’ve managed to muster, I think you’re a bit of a hero right now. xxx

    • Wow. Thank you. That is very encouraging. I don’t feel like a hero, just someone who is trying not to give in or give up. I don’t always succeed, but tomorrow is another chance. My mantra is “Never give up. Never surrender.” from Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest, one of my favorite movies. Thank you again. You really made my day.

  2. I love that it hasn’t changed in all these years. 🙂

    Pineapple cottage cheese! I haven’t had that in ages!

  3. Hello!
    I know your daughter from Twitter and I’m glad she told us about your blog. I can completely understand what living with chronic illness is like. I hope the prednisone helps it usually does for me. I wish I could take it all the time. If you join Twitter please look for me so I can follow you.

    • I am on Twitter, but I never go there anymore because I cannot bear all the politics. It’s just too depressing, and I sign petitions and all but nothing seems to change so I just chose not to cause myself anymore stress than that which comes with illness. It’s why I dumped cable, too. I cannot tell you how much less stressful my life is just because No Commercials and No Trump. That constant interruption commercials cause sort of gets at you without you even realizing it. And I cannot bear to even look at Trump, let alone listen to him. I am much happier with just Netflix and other subscriptions. No commercials is pure bliss. Have I mentioned this before? LOL
      Anyway, glad you checked me out. Hope you like it here. I have a good kid. 🙂

    • I do love a good rainstorm, although we don’t get nearly as many as we used to. The power never stays out long in my building, either, so not a hardship. Hope yours stays on.

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