A Good Day

Update:  At Lowe’s we saw a 2000 dollar washing machine with so many buttons that I think you could send it into outer space.  Two thousand dollars to wash your clothes.  A frig with a computer on the front.  A toilet with a remote control.  Maybe it’s just me, but humanity has seriously lost the plot, people.  What kind of clothes do you buy that need 50 different wash cycles?  I don’t cook at the frig, either.  I cook at the stove.  With my recipe pinned to the hood with a magnetic clip.  We laughed about losing the toilet remote, because do you have to use the neighbor’s in that case?  We do things because we can, not because they make sense.  Sorry, but my mind was boggled.  🙂

What’s the weather like?  Beautiful day.  Warm, lovely, flowers bursting out everywhere.

How am I feeling today?
Physically? I think the prednisone is finally kicking in, I am in much less pain today, in spite of being awake all night and only sleeping a couple of hours this morning.

Mentally? Fantastic.  Feeling like myself again.  Went out with my friend Tess to do a bit of shopping at Lowe’s and a couple other places.  Laughing, singing (me, songs I don’t know all the words to)  bouncing around, having a great time. I know it’s the prednisone mood elevation, but I feel like myself again.  I love it.  I am a person who is full of joie de vivre, when life (or dull people) doesn’t get in the way.  I’m pretty funny, too.  🙂

What did I do yesterday?  Yesterday I had a bit of vertigo, need to go to the walk in clinic soon.  Was pretty funny because it wasn’t bad enough to cause nausea.  Walking around like a drunk when homemaker was here.  Finally took an allergy pill and it pretty much cleared up, although I was a bit wobbly today.  Tried to show Tess some balance exercises.  Did not go well, but highly amusing.  LOL

What do I hope to accomplish today?  Well, it’s 4pm, so it’s kind of late for that, although I may cook something later. Maybe.

What am I looking forward to?  More days like this one.

Tess brought me homemade chocolate chip cookies with pecans.  Oh, yum.  I feel like I can think again, and look ahead, and make plans for things I want to get done.  This never lasts, but I try to take full advantage of it in the meantime.

This is how I feel today.  That’s John Barrowman, not me, btw. 🙂

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