Today Is

twelve drummers drumming day, also known as take down the tree day.  I slept really poorly, and so am in a mass of pain today, so I have decided to rename my tree The Winter Tree, and leave it up for a while longer.  Because I can.  It’s my tree, and no needles fall off cause it’s fake. Also, I love the lights.   🙂

It’s 2 degrees, at 5:15pm Eastern.  You really have to feel bad and be worried about people who have to be outside in this kind of weather.  So glad I am not one of them.  Stay warm, people.  Watch out for you neighbors and friends, make sure they are warm and okay.  And give coffee and blankets and whatever else might help to those forced to be outside for any reason. ANY reason.  No judgemental, blame the victim crap here, please.  I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be doing that shit.

12 drummers drumming

2 thoughts on “Today Is

  1. Brrr. That’s too cold. Parts of Australia are having a horrendous heatwave. It was hot here yesterday and that one day’s enough for me. Hot and windy is always a bit scary because of the dangers of bushfires. Our first guests loved the place. Hope they tell all their friends about it. It’s a fair bit more cleaning than the last bnb I had, because it’s bigger, but then I get more money, too. Still nicer to have my own job and no boss.

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