The Sun Has Come Out

It stopped snowing last evening, then we had some serious wind going on.  It is now 7 degrees Fahrenheit, at 9am Eastern.  Move Your Car So We Can Plow guy came around at 8, but fortunately for me, I do not have a car to move.  No going out in the cold for me.  Did go out Wednesday in the cold, but it wasn’t that bad at all.  I do love winter.  Of course, I don’t live where the flooding was.  Freezing cold blizzard, topped by floods.  Fun times for the lucky ones in those areas.  Boston, Scituate, Hull, and more.  It’s salt water, so don’t know if it will freeze in place now or not.  Welcome to our restaurant.  Please bring ice skates. Hope you all are having a great start to the new year, floods or not.  Tomorrow is take down the Christmas tree day.  Easy job.  Fold up the branches and put it back into the box.  🙂2013-12-24 17.50.34

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