went off last night.  This happens every winter.  The units on the roof are ten bazillion years old, and the landlord has not interest in doing anything about anything, so a valve sticks and cold air just blows in constantly.   Fun times.  So I turned it off, after which it took several minutes to actually shut off.  I was getting nervous that it wouldn’t.  Turned on my fireplace, Lunatic and I got under our two blankets combined, and had a nice night.  It was 50 in here when I got up.  Turned off the fireplace, turned on the emergency heat, and warmed up to 55.  Yay.  Turned on the heat, and it’s working again.  Every other time, some poor guy has had to go up on the roof and manually unstick the valve.  Very relieved not to have to call, more relieved that heat is working.  I have my fireplace and a little heater fan, so even if the emergency heat did not work, I’d be fine.  Cold, but fine.  🙂  It’s winter.  I do like winter.


2 thoughts on “Heat

    • She’s darn cute, too. The cat, not the heater. Although my fireplace is beautiful. It’s going to be near 60 degrees later this week. Mother Nature has lost the plot

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