Bit of a storm update.

From the Boston Globe:
epstein5_010118Still snowing like crazy, but apparently it is flooding in many areas, which is not the winter storm norm.  Ha Ha.  I see lot of people dissing global warming, but this is caused by global warming.  The ice is melting at the poles, the oceans are rising, thus flooding.  Thus extremes of temperature. We are having a record long cold stretch here, below freezing since December 24th.  Stronger storms.  It’s not good news, people.     NECN flooding post

Brief aside, saw Urgent Care doctor yesterday as mine was not in.  Nothing serious, not really that urgent, but as he’s reading my chart (I did NOT have blood work done) he said it shows that I have not been eating enough.  I was too surprised to ask how he got that from my chart, but have to call my regular doctor tomorrow and will ask.  That’s puzzling, don’t you think?  Besides, after being on Prednisone for five years, there is no way you could call me underweight.  Anyone who tells you that Prednisone does not cause weight gain has never been on it. Trust me.  I know whereof I speak.  🙂

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