theskyisfallingWe’re having a snowstorm here in New England. Like the many, many, many snowstorms just like this one (and worse) that we’ve had here in New England. One would think that it’s the Apocalypse from all the hype. News is not about telling you the facts, it’s all about how to get more ratings. How to get more ratings? Try to scare you to death about every little thing that happens, or even might possibly odds are a million to one but still someday maybe could happen. Responsible reporting has gone the way of the passenger pigeon. I love a good snowstorm, and it’s been a few years of really lame ones recently, but they were a regular occurrence for most of the seventeen years I’ve lived here. It’s not like it’s been a hundred years since we had a good storm. Good grief. I don’t even have tv, and I am still just fed up with the irrational hype. Once in New Hampshire, my husband worked three miles from our home, and it took him four hours to get home.  That was snow.  Stay home if you can, having stocked up on no-heat or extra water-needed edibles and bottled or jugged water (if you have lots of jugs hanging around) in case the power goes out, make sure to clear your roof if it starts to get deep up there, and have some sort of emergency heating available, and candles and matches. People survived big storms before we even had stores to buy these things and alarmist reporters and weathermen to make it all seem like the worst thing that ever happened anywhere anytime. So glad I don’t have tv, and an added bonus is I don’t have Trump in my face at every opportunity. I’ve had this laptop on for less than half an hour, and I am already saturated with the hype. It’s everywhere. Chicken Little, anyone? I loved that story when I was a kid.chicken little


A friend’s house, less than a mile from me.100_0922

This below was my first winter in New England.  It snowed for days.  It was glorious.  Started out with these huge flakes just slowly floating down from the sky, and it never stopped.  Or it seemed so, anyway.  It was truly beautiful.  This picture is Peabody, MA. after the storm.  Can’t find any of my town.  Not great at Search, maybe?

feb 27 1969 peabody ma

Out my window right now, holding up the curtain, followed by a link to snowstorm article, if you’re interested.


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