Finally, some good news

Saw my ophthalmologist today, and I don’t have glaucoma (my grandmother did, so it’s a concern) and if I was going to get genetically induced glaucoma, I would have by now. I have a teeny tiny cataract in my right eye, which probably won’t be a bother for years, and my prescription has not changed. Something good has to show up sooner or later, right? There are odds and all. So I am pretty pleased.

I did have to ask my primary care doctor for more antibiotics for the ear infection, which has only gotten worse with dizziness and almost falling over twice since I finished the seven day scrip. Why they stopped giving ten days of antibiotics is beyond me, because I have never met a person who had seven days and did not get sick again. I mentioned this to the person taking my blood, and she said she had a sinus infection, seven days of drugs, a few months later had an abscess in her sinus that affected her teeth and her eye. If you don’t get/take enough antibiotic, it only kills off the weakest germs, leaving the stronger ones to multiply and cause more problems down the line. Is it ‘let’s spend as little money per patient as we can possibly get away with’ insurance? Probably.

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