No Question Today

Not been the best day ever.  Been in a lot of pain lately, and sleeping a lot.  Gertrude has not been looking well, and last night she had a sort of mini-seizure.  First time ever.  Took her to the vet, he found a mass in her stomach which was not there last time, and she weighed less than 5 pounds, poor baby.  He recommended, and I agreed, putting her down.  She draped herself over me which she never does while we were waiting, like she just felt so bad she couldn’t fight anymore.  So it is done.  Her treat crumbs are on the floor, a bit of food still in her dish.  I kind of knew, but still wasn’t really expecting it today, so I am kind of numb right now.  With Simon, I knew he had cancer and the time would come, with Gertrude, there was still the hope that it was just an illness that could be cured.  But no.  She was a good cat.  I am going to miss her for a very long time.  I still miss Simon, for that matter, and it’s been years.  Anyway, that’s how it’s been.2017-05-30 19.12.19


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