6: do you keep plants?

I have spider plants, which Gertrude liked to eat so kept them where she couldn’t get at them.  I have a Christmas cactus that Traci, my old homemaker, gave me.  It’s also where Gertrude couldn’t get at it.  It occurred to me yesterday that I don’t need to keep them out of reach anymore.

It’s been a learning experience, realizing how much I mentally monitoredCute when Asleepa Gertrude.  Where is she?  Did I leave anything where she can get at it and shouldn’t, is she out of the bedroom before I close the door, did I feed her, does she need fresh water, etc., etc., etc.  It’s a constant ‘Oh, don’t have to think about that, deal with that, worry about that.’  It was different when Simon died, because I had her, so the only thing that changed was that he wasn’t here anymore.  Now, it’s just me left, and everything has changed.  😦

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