5: are you self-conscious of your smile?

Nope.  Well that was easy.

6927531    Not my smile, but it’s a gorgeous one.

I got FIOS yesterday.  Hooray.  So done with Comcast.  It took four hours to install, but about an hour an a half was spent dealing with maintenance trying to get them to come and unlock the cellar door.  I’d been calling all week and they did not return a call til 7:30 yesterday morning.  Need the cellar open by 1pm please.  No prob.  HA!  1 pm, Verizon guy comes, cellar locked.  I must have called maintenance ten times, first just to get them to call me back, then a huge rigamarole about ‘is he coming to open the door or not’, then she gives me the code to the lockbox.  Did not even know there was a lockbox, and why could she just not given it to me in the first place.  You used to go across the street to the locksmith and get a key, but that was too easy, I guess.  So guy goes down stairs, whoa!, there is no lockbox.  More phone calls.  Finally get told you have to go down the OTHER stairs, punch in the code, back up the stairs, down the hall, down the first stairs, and open the door.  Really?  REALLY?  Could you not have given me all this info from the get-go.  The maintenance guy is very nice, but the phone person is an idiot.  Verizon tech was very patient and friendly and nice, so it wasn’t a miserable hassle, just a hassle.  But it’s done now.

DD came down the day before and cleared out a space in the storage closet for him to put the box.  The modem is right outside it, and everything is wireless and so incredibly easy to set up.  It took less than five minutes to set up my FireStick, kindle, and kindle fire.  I remember the Comcast hassles.  I told the tech, I’d better love FIOS after all this time and work you put in.  lolol

Still a lot of pain going on, and some brain-fog, but I am not a complete lump on the couch, so it’s all good.  I just wish I could get some pain meds that worked and did not cause other problems at the same time.  Pain is not fun.


Almost deleted this day before yesterday.  I was quite upset over something, and felt like I’m just talking to the wall and what’s the point of blogging if nobody reads it or comments.  One person comments.  One lovely person in Tasmania.  I’ve been blogging for over ten years, and I have one commentor.  So I must be a crap blogger, to go along with the annoying person I was told I am.  So I was just going to give it all up.  But I am better today, and besides, it’s like keeping a journal, only public.  I suppose I could just make it private, but I need to think about it.  I’ve met (and lost) some nice people over these ten years.  And if I’m an annoying person, I’ll just have to try to do better.

I was thinking about Twitter and Facebook and Tumbler, too.  Why am I even on those. Very little feedback ever.  It’s not depressing, it’s not depressing, it’s not depressing.

Okay, done feeling sorry for myself.  Too much unrelenting pain does a number on you, emotionally as well as physically, so I just need to rally and stop being a whinger.  Done.

1 thought on “5: are you self-conscious of your smile?

  1. I’m finding that most sites have become less interactive and more “at you”. I moan about the same thing. I think, too, that part of it is that everyone follows so many others, that to comment on everything on all sites would drive us all insane, never mind take up our entire day. A friend told me to find the one that fills me with joy, and concentrate on that. Which is why, even though the vast majority of people I want to interact with are there, I don’t use FB (deleted it again). I hate the site. I do like Instagram, but need to thin my feed for the reason mentioned above. Twitter is my go-to, and my private account acually has interaction. I also limit who I follow there. As for blogs…I haven’t checked in here or Dreamwidth in too long, and those are really the places that I love. Hmmm.

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