what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

I have bookmarks, but once in a while I’ll just use a small piece of paper.

2017-06-12 13.55.31-2

I know, the J is backwards.

I am so over pain, stiffness, and not sleeping.  I was up all night, almost fell asleep at 8, 8:30 and finally did around 9am.

Not having the best day ever, but my friend Tess came over to take my paperwork to Housing, since I am not at all capable of walking half a block.  We sat and chatted for a good while, in the damp heat.  I hauled out the dehumidifier, and it helps, but that and the fan do not actually cool anything down.  They have not changed the central air/heat filter in about three years, and my electric bill was very high this winter, I think because it was over-working, and the ac will just be as bad.  Besides, the units on the roof are really old and mine breaks down at least once a year, and I am worried it will catch on fire or something.  Maybe that’s what they’re hoping for.  I’m sure they have insurance for the building, but there is no insurance for me.

Anyway, Tess and I talked about Housing, and the political situation in this country.  She doesn’t usually like to talk about it, since her hubbies watches Fox News and gets upset about things all the time.  She hopes he’s not ‘one of them’ but he never really says, so she isn’t sure.  I’d hate it if one of my family was a Trump supporter, or even sort of agreed with the Republican agenda.  Not knowing may be best.  🙂  He’s a nice guy, whenever I see him anyway.

Was an orange air alert day today, but better tomorrow.  Will start cooling down, too.  Cannot wait.

Torchwood, before they ruined it by bringing in Gwen.


Not a lot else to say.  I am in a lot of pain and just need to lie down and read some Torchwood fan fiction.  Or even a book.  I have loads of books that I am gradually plowing through.  Trying to reach my ’50 books this year’ Goodreads goal.  I used to read a lot more, then I found fan fiction and my Kindle, and so books kind of got the short end of the stick.  But I am a fast reader, with a wide-ranging taste in literature, so there’s always something I cannot put down til the last page.  Reading is my greatest joy in life, I think.  I remember wanting to read so very badly when I was really young.  I would pretend to read the paper, and agonized over not knowing how to actually read it.  My grandmother would read bits to me sometimes, and I think that helped with the figuring it out.  Once I did figure it out,  and ever since, I have read everything I could get my hands on.  Everything.  I can’t imagine not having something to read.

So off to the couch and my Kindle.  Have a good day, wherever you may be.



4 thoughts on “what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

  1. Hope it cools down for you. Being too hot makes everything feel worse. Bookmarks? I used to use postcards and still find decades old postcards when I re-read a book. Also christmas and birthday cards, tickets, anything. It’s a nice reminder when I find things I’d long forgotten about in a book, like a birthday card from my grandparents or a ticket to a concert.

  2. Sounds weird, but I would rather go deaf than blind. I don’t think I could live without reading books.

    And I use whatever is at hand for a bookmark.

    • I feel the same If you’re deaf, there are lights and things to let you know what’s going on around you, but if you’re blind…well, I am a visual person. I learn by seeing it done, I read constantly, there are so many things to be lost that I think it would break me.

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