2: do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintry day?


Yes.  I’d rather be cold than too warm.  Maybe not THIS cold, but still.  Picture is from buzzfeed.com.

Not really happy to say that I keep getting worse.  Woke up in a LOT of pain today.  Been sitting in the rocker with the laptop on my little white table.  All my joints are very stiff, making moving difficult and painful.  My shoulders…I can barely move my arms and it really hurts.  Not moving really hurts.  No clue what is going on.  This is different than the usual fibro woes.

I am rocking, Gertrude is vegging on the couch.  She is now eating the fancy-schmantzy cat food that she would not touch before, and I think it’s been a couple of days since I crammed a pill down her throat, and she has not been sick at all.  Hmmm.  She comes to tell me when she wants more food.  This is new, too.  She has decided she likes Marie, my homemaker, and actually comes out while she is here.  Does not do that for anyone else.  Not Tess, who’s been coming here since 2004, or my Traci, who came twice a week for eight years.  She is like a different cat since she got sick, but in a good way.  Weird.2017-06-11 12.56.09

Binge watching Inspector Lewis on Prime.  Did I say that before.? I love that show, and Endeavour, and Midsommer Murders, New Tricks.  Character-driven shows that are interesting and have some funny in them as well.  So much dreck out there.  I am going to be upset for awhile abut Sense8, too.  Stupid Netflix.

Switching to FIOS internet.  Much cheaper than I am paying Comcast, and will still be cheaper after the first-year rise.  They are coming on Thursday to install.  Building is FIOS-ready, so it shouldn’t be too involved, I hope.  I know they have to install a big box in the closet.

Typing hurts. so that’s it for today’s exciting update.  🙂

1 thought on “2: do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintry day?

  1. As long as my neck’s warm. You won’t see me outside without a scarf in winter (mostly the one in the pic). Sounds like Gertrude’s feeling better and mellowed a bit! Good appetite is always a good sign.

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