100 Questions Meme

importD3Found this here: kazzy-cee’s journal, from a post here: The Friday Five.

I’ve not been too enthused about blogging lately, since I get virtually no feedback, and I’ve been feeling quite abandoned in my real life as well.  Having a chronic illness does not make for a lot of friends.  The ones I had just seemed to fall by the wayside.  I still have one faithful friend, for whom I am truly grateful, but it is discouraging to just be alone almost all the time.  No emails, no calls, no visits, except for that one friend.  No one to say, ‘Hi, I was just thinking about you and wanted to check in.’ or whatever.  Such is life.

Anyway, now that I am done with the self-pity portion of today’s post, I thought I would try this 100 questions thing as an incentive to say something, even if I’m only talking to myself, which I do all the time anyway.  🙂

So first question:  1. When you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?  

Not the most exciting topic ever, but what the hey.  I don’t eat cereal a lot, but when I do, I slice a banana into the bowl, top up with however much cereal I want, then pour in whole milk (I do NOT do skim, low-fat, sugar-free, etc.  anything.  If I’m going to eat, I want real food.) till I can see it and the cereal has not quite started to spill over the bowl edges.  How exciting is that?

I have been struggling.  Since I went from seven to six mg Prednisone, I have been in a lot of pain, sleeping a lot, then can’t sleep, and very, very tired.  I then went down to 5 mg because I was already miserable, so might as well.  Going to stay on five as long as I can until my body decides to start making cortisol on it’s own, if it ever does.  My doctor’s PA prescribed Celebrex, after much resistance on my part.  The side effects are not good, and she gave me the highest dose, which is not recommended for someone my age.  Anyway, it eased the pain a bit for about four hours, then nothing.  It’s a 24 hour pill, and you cannot take anything else while taking it.  Took it two days in a row, same result.  Asked pharmacist if it is cumulative, as in the longer you take it, the better it works.  No.  It should just work right off.  So waited a few days, took it again, still no relief.  So done with that.  Right now I am just taking generic tylenol when I really can’t cope.  Cannot take too many ibuprofens or Aleve, because since they had me take the pill to keep it from bothering my stomach, which it wasn’t, it now bothers my stomach.  I have decided to not take any more new meds.  Period.  This is ridiculous.  Everything they give me makes me worse in different ways, not better.  The meloxicam caused severe lower back pain, the omeprazole killed my stomach, even though it’s the one that’s supposed to prevent that.  The celebrex didn’t work and has really bad side effects that can just happen without warning.  Not worth the risk for minimal pain relief.  They are just so insistent, and I am worn down from pain and fatigue and my resistance ability is not as strong as it once was.

Meanwhile, I am missing the summer, being pretty much house-bound again.  I think I would have been better off if they had not put me on Prednisone in the first place.  It’s been five years of hell.  Five years.  Over and above whatever the fibromyalgia is causing.

On the bright side, if I can think of a bright side today, I am trying a new version of Peet’s coffee which I am loving.  I usually drink Major Dickerson’s Blend, and I am trying Big Bang, which is quite nice.  Using my french-press, although some days I make a pot on the stove, and some days I use a filter over a cup.  Depends on my energy level and how desperate I am for COFFEE NOW!!!!  A couple of times, my new homemaker has made it for me, on the days she comes at 10am.   I am not awake at ten am, although my body makes an attempt at pretending I am.  Anyway, I told her exactly how to make it.  She followed my directions exactly both times, and both times her coffee was better than mine.  What?  LOL  She even boiled some eggs for me one day.  She is a real keeper, so I’m hoping she stays.  They do seem to come and go.  Being a homemaker is a shit job with low pay, no benefits, and they don’t get paid mileage between one client and another, which makes the actual pay even less.  I am as nice and grateful as I can be to them, because I would be living in a dump without them.  Some people treat them like servants, or slaves.  I’ve heard stories.  People can be real shits, you know, and why is it the people who do the actual work that get paid the least, and those who sit in the office doing very little get the big bucks?  It seems so unfair.

Anyway, I keep the coffee in the freezer, and just fill a small container to sit out and use everyday.  Stays nicely fresh a lot longer that way.

Started out a nice day, but is clouding up.  Up until maybe three days ago, it was nothing but gray for days on end, and as cold as October.  I had the fireplace on maybe three days ago.  It is June, Mother Nature.  But it’s not hot and sticky, so I will not complain.  I would rather be cold and have warm clothes and blankets and hot drinks and a fireplace, than be hot and sticky, because there is not a lot to be done for that.  Even air-conditioning does not really make it that much better.  It rained a lot, too.  We haven’t been having a lot of rain or snow the past few years.  It used to rain or snow for days at a time, but no more.  Until this month.  So yay.  You cannot convince me that the climate is not changing.  This year we had the warmest February, and the coldest May and now June, that I ever remember in all the years I’ve lived in New England.

Wow, once you get me started, I just seem to have a lot to say.  Okay.  So that’s the first question, and I will try to do this everyday, but some days I don’t even turn on the laptop, so am not promising anything.  🙂

Avoiding Everything

4 thoughts on “100 Questions Meme

  1. I think I have more milk than cereal, but I haven’t had cereal in years. Cow’s milk doesn’t agree with me.

    Aleve is awful. I’m never comfortable with things that are extended-release…they seem to be stronger and more problematic than short-term ones.

    It’s sooooooooooo hot here. Mid-to-upper 90’s. And our cooler isn’t on yet because Himself can’t climb the ladder (and shouldn’t), and the maintenance man won’t be here til Monday. Melting. I miss rain SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.

    • It’s quite warm here today, but still cool in my apt., even with the windows open. I don’t think I could live where it seldom rained. I had enough of that in Colorado. I love rain. And snow. I pretty much like all weather except hot and sticky. 🙂

  2. More cereal, but that’s because I make lazy porridge. I put oats in a bowl and pour boiling water over the top. Leave it for a while, add some fruit and a little milk. I like it a bit chewy, weird, I know. Hope going off the prednisone works!

    • Have you tried overnight oatmeal. Mix oats and milk or water, and add-ins and let sit in frig overnight. No cooking at all. It’s good, and kind of chewy.

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