Pain and Gertrude

Pain is back.  Trying to do a bit of cooking and have to keep sitting down. Oh, well.

Took Gertrude to the vet at 8:30 this morning, the middle of my night, usually.  Had to stay up all night to be up that early with a brain that works.  So they gave her some stomach-soothing injections and I have to give her stomach-soothing pills starting tomorrow.  That will be fun.  She can’t eat til 8pm, which is still two hours away, and then only a tiny bite, with a two-hour wait for the next one.  Same thing tomorrow.  She has an appt for an ultrasound of her stomach and all, and for her heart, since she has a murmur, and they need to see what’s going on because some meds they might give her can cause heart failure with a murmur.  Poor baby.  You apparently get a two-ultrasounds discount, cause individually they are nearly 400 dollars each, but both at the same time is about 550 dollars.  Expensive, but seriously, if you have a pet, it’s your responsibility to give them the care they need, just like you would a child.  You have total control over their lives, and need to do the right thing for them.   I think if you really can’t pay, some vets will at least give you a discount, but I’m not positive about that.  I am getting so in debt from these things, and the dentist, and other things.  Thank god for credit cards, but I will still be paying it off twenty years after I’m dead, at this rate.

I am making turkey meatloaf.  It has celery and apple and onion and oats and pumpkin pie spice and fresh sage and other things.  Sound really good.  Turkey is pretty bland, so you need to spice it up.  I make a Fritos casserole that I used to do with ground beef, and you really can’t tell much difference between it and turkey, because it has Fritos and chili powder and cumin and other good things.  Yum.  I made that last week, actually. Yay, me.

Did brunch with my friend Tess after the vet.  She drives me everywhere, crazy woman, so we always do lunch and maybe some shopping or something on appointment days.  On no-appointment days, too.  Lots of laughing ensues.  Laughing is good.  I hae a Western omelet.  I love Western omelets.  If you put it between two slices of bread, it becomes a Denver sandwich.  I love Denver sandwiches.  The place we go makes a really delicious Western omelet, with hash browns and toast.  And orange juice.  I always get orange juice.

I bought some meyer lemons and am going to make lemon curd.  Lots of things you can do with lemon juice, but I love lemon curd in February, it’s like eating sunshine on your toast.  Meyers have a nice, less-tangy taste than regular lemons, and make great curd.  Not making it tonight,though, because my back is hurting a lot.  It makes cooking hard when you can’t stand up for long.  The serious chopping and sauteing and all kind of turns into ‘So what if the tiny dice is huge cubes, I need to sit down.  Oops, overcooked the onions.  Well, the black edges will just add more flavor, right?’  It still looks good, anyway.  And smells fantastic.  Just pop it onto parchment and bake.  Yum.

I am tired.  Slept maybe an hour last night, and on the go most of the day, and now cooking.  I really am better.  I love this gif. This was such a funny show, Will and Grace, and Jack and Karen were the funniest.


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