So I Was Thinking

Yesterday, I signed a petition to repeal that horrific Citizens United thing that let our government be openly bought.  So during the night, when I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about how to do it differently.  Besides keeping out all contributions, I thought confining the actual campaigning to a month or so before the election would be helpful.  People wouldn’t be sick of it all years before it happens.  It seems to be a continuous campaign season now.  And the coverage should be free and limited.  Say each legitimate candidate, and not sure how to determine that, would have a couple of hours one day a week on air, with the broadcasts recorded and online for those who can’t watch live.  Anyway, one day could be to state their position.  Here’s how I stand on this or that issue.  The next week, an actual accounting of how they voted, who they supported, where they have stood in the past, with time for them to explain themselves and why we should vote for them.  The next week could be for questions; prepared, well-thought out, on point questions from the press and other institutions who have relevant concerns.  The last week could be for questions from the public.  Then the vote.  So no one is getting bought, no one is having billions from the Koch Brothers funding them, it would just be straightforward.  I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but the way it’s working now is a farce.  Our government is not OUR government, it belongs to rich old white men, and does their bidding.  We are a disgrace.  This democracy has failed dramatically, and capitalism has proven to be the horrific idea it seemed to be. </political rant>

Gertrude, although I have not seen her yet today, was fine last night, eating her teaspoon of food every two hours with no upchucking.  Today she is having pills in little pill pockets that I know she likes, so hope she shows herself soon and actually eats them.  I want her to be well, not only so the cleaning up after her ends, but so she is not in pain or suffering in any way.  The vet said she could have irritable bowel syndrome, or pancreatitis.  Good grief.  Poor baby.

When you spent a lot of time with an animal, you can really see the individual personalities and quirks and all.  Every one is different, just like children.

Simon was in-your-face gregarious, loved everybody, want to go everywhere and see everything, and wanted what he wanted NOW.  You could tell he was a guy even if you had no idea.

Gertrude is timid and sweet and affectionate to me, afraid of everyone and everything else.  She is a dainty lady, does not make messes, jump up on tables or counters, or eat everything in site.  She is the poster girl for picky eaters.

I am still slowly getting better, thinking clearer, able to actually DO things around the house, able to THINK about what I want/need to do around the house.  The pain and fatigue can overwhelm everything in your life, and all you can do is wait for it to get better.  Functioning normally becomes impossible.  So I am really happy to be improving .

It has turned into a real winter finally, with the snow we had, and cold, clear blue sky days.  Really cold.  It’s fantastic.  I love winter.  I wouldn’t want it to be winter all the time, but for a few  months, it’s great, and really makes you appreciate and look forward to spring towards the end.  I don’t think I could live somewhere without definite seasons.  I get bored easily.  🙂



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