Pain, or not

friends 2

So after being up for 36 hours, I fell asleep around 9 last night and woke up at 6am with a slight ache in right side of lower back. (Six is normally the middle of my night, so yay, me.) After being up and around a bit, had some actual pain in right side, not as bad as normal, either. Iced it a few minutes and much better. I think from what they told me that it will continue to get better over the next few days. Moving around without back pain. I will be able to stand up for more than a few minutes, and walk without pain. I’m hopeful, and so grateful for my friend Tess, who drives me to all these things, and always, always makes me laugh.

Lovely winter’s day again, sun and blue sky, but lots of clouds. Is it going to rain? Snow? Who knows. So I am happy to be better. Pain is very, very wearing. Makes you tired and keeps you from doing the things you want/need to do. So far, I am really glad I went to the pain clinic.

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