Pain Clinic

Went this morning.  Was there about an hour and a half, but the actual procedure took ten minutes.  Lots of needles in my back, one after another, but little tweaks, not really any pain.  Was nice to be pain-free from the numbing agent, and now that it’s wearing off, there is still very little pain.  Will see how it is tomorrow.  They said it could be a few days before it works.  Back in a month for another diagnostic, which is what they call this procedure.  Every one was very nice and there was laughing and it was a positive experience.  Laughing is always good.


Was supposed to rest after, but went to lunch at the Olive Garden and then to Trader Joe’s, which is practically right next door to the Olive. Bought a packet of frozen steak and stout pie to try. Yum? Seriously, who doesn’t love pie.


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