December Reigns

decemberAnd rains. It did a lot of that yesterday. I was out in it. It was great and fantastic and I love rain. Been having some serious pain lately, but yesterday I was able to get out, and went to four, yes four, different stores with my friend Tess. It was fun. Got some gorgeous fake flowers from Joanne’s, some shirts from Benny’s, Rite-Aid for scrips, and Market Basket for food, food, food. We are loving Market Basket. Good store brand and great prices. Yes, I have turned into a commercial.

2016-12-01-16-15-04Today is the first day of meterological winter, and it looks like it out there, even though it’s not very cold at all. I have been listening to Christmas music all afternoon from these guys:
Accapella Christmas Music

It’s pretty upbeat music, and very cheery.  I like cheery, helps with the pain.  Pain clinic Monday.  Yay.  Hope they can help.  I get overwhelmed with things need to be done when I can’t do them because of pain and the resultant exhaustion.  This is when it’s good to not live alone, but since I do, there is no one to help out.  My new homemaker is still a work in progress, pertaining to doing the actual necessary work.  Like her, but need stuff done better, or at all.  Will work it out, I hope.

Looking at that picture, doesn’t it look like it could start snowing any minute? It was in the 50’s today, though, so snow not very likely.  🙂  But it’s winter now, so snow will come, unless it’s like that one year we had a huge, tree breaking storm in October, and that was pretty much it for the entire winter.  I like snow.  Anyway,  Happy December everyone.


4 thoughts on “December Reigns

    • We don’t have them yet – this is just the beginning of the Bird Battle! And it’s only a little tree, but I sure am looking forward to them. We will still drive down to the Huon Valley just out of town and buy a kilo on the way, or two. They always seem to all get eaten on the drive, haha.

      • I was the one who climbed the tree to pick those at the top, cause I was the smallest. Ate more than I bagged. Made myself sick once from eating so many. Pie cherries, too, not Bing, so sour. I loved them.

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