No, I AM borked.  My torn rotator cuff did itself a bad while I was sleeping, and I have spent the day doing everything with my left hand, typing with one finger, and going, “Ow, ouch, damn, oh my freaking god” and worse everytime I forget and move it just a tad.  Just when I was finally climbing out of the all-over pain hole I’ve been in recently.  I cannot catch a break.  On the plus side, can’t really do much, so am reading and commenting on my Tumblr feed without feeling like I should be doing something else.  Is fun. I can have fun anytime, anywhere, apparently. 🙂

Found this.  I unfollowed the disturbing political pages to save my sanity, cause I can’t fix anything anyway, but I’m sure someone can use it.

How biased is your FB feed?

2 thoughts on “Ow

  1. Shared in on FB! Hope your broken bits unbork themselves somehow… we went down to Snug today to weed. I found a human-height thicket of foxgloves. I know I know they’re very pretty, but they’re not meant to be here and they’re very invasive. Unfortunately, I forgot about them also being poisonous, or rather I thought gloves, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt would be enough. Nope. I ripped out about 100 foxgloves and I’m now itching like mad all over my arms and hands. Seems I got them at about the most poisonous stage – just before the seeds ripen. Urgh. Have taken some anti-histamines, hopefully they work.

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