Happy Thanksgiving

if you celebrate it wherever you are.


Spending the day home alone, as usual. Didn’t even get a frozen turkey dinner this year. Oh, well. It is what it is, right? Did have a good week so far, though. Good chat with my new homemaker Monday, Tuesday a friend came for a visit and we went to lunch and then had a very good chat here, yesterday went out with my friend Tess and as always spent most of the time laughing. Then tomorrow, new homemaker is back, and I am finally looking forward to that. The past four after my Traci were not exactly ‘oh, can’t wait til she gets here’ types. Nice, but not fun. Fun is my Prime Directive, as someone I used to know used to say.

Stopped taking two of my pills. The anti-inflammatory, because it was causing weird changes in my body, and the other the one I had to take so the anti-inflammatory didn’t kill me. This was about five days ago. Pain has been increasing daily, until I am back not being able to do some things I was having no problem with. So going to try the anti-inflammatory every other day, and just skip the other one. Make sure I eat something substantial when I take the pill, and hope for the best. Would be great if they could come up with meds that don’t kill you as a side effect.

Hope everyone is having a great day, whether you are home alone or with family. You make your world. Make it a good one.


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