Trying Again

Just a reminder. It’s getting close to the day.

vote02I am not an artist. I am good with dirt and can tinker with a computer to figure out what’s wrong and what to do about it, I am search with google, but art is a definite no. But tried again. Needed to add the other arm, but I haven’t had coffee yet, so you can’t expect too much of me. I am not sleeping well and the cat is not helping by yowling for five minutes straight at 5am. Why, Gertrude? Why? You are old and spayed, so I know you’re not in heat Just shut up, please? Oh, never do a post before your brain starts working. Anyway, here is meant to be someone (me) hanging off of the stove because standing up is just too painful. My life is so fun.

Oh, turned the fireplace on yesterday, and again this morning. Got cold in here fast. It was just hot a few days ago.


Thought we needed some color. This is from a local news channels website. Don’t know who to credit it with, but it’s definitely not mine. Somewhere in Rhode Island, I think.turnto10com-snap-submission-08-01-2012-0518-pm

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