Weather And Such


Today October 10, 2016

Today is a gorgeous, windy and cool day.  Yesterday was a gorgeous, windy, gray, and rainy day.  Both are good.  So much for weather.


Yesterday, October 9, 2016 Rainy, windy, gorgeous.

Illness.  Tried taking half the anti-inflammatory, as per doctor’s suggestion when asked if I could stop taking any of the ten bazillion pills I’m taking every day.  No.  Was up at 3:30am breaking up Tylenol (I’ve mentioned they work better and faster that way) because can’t sleep for pain.  Eventually slept, woke up in pain, pain, pain.  So no half-pills.


I know there’s an anti-inflammatory diet, but you have to actually prep food, and cook food, and clean up after prepping and cooking food, and I am so not that person.  I can barely stand for two minutes without major back pain needing me to lean on something or just go sit the heck down.  If I do cook, it’s do one thing, go sit, do one more thing, go sit, rinse, repeat.  Cooking anything can take a very long time.


It’s awful, how awful I am at art, isn’t it? LOL This is meant to be someone hanging off the stove, because standing up is just too painful. There aren’t a lot of pics of ‘cooking while in pain’ out there. I looked.

I really am much better in general, for whatever reason, and if I could only get past the back pain I would be able to do a lot more.  Unfortunately, a side effect of the anti-inflammatory that helps with the all-over pain, is lower back pain. So in addition to having lower back pain, I take a pill that causes lower back pain. I love modern medicine. Going to call doctor to get me into pain clinic at local hospital. Maybe they can help.

Hope everyone is enjoying whatever season they are in at the moment.  I am loving Autumn, it’s the best time of the year for me.  Always been my favorite season, because leaves to shuffle through, color, fresh breezes, chill, promise of snow to come later on.  I love Autumn.

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