Having a chronic, debilitating one is so fun. Fortunately for me, I do not have every single one of these.  The illness manifests differently in everyone, just like meds work/don’t work differently in everyone.  Every morning I am feeling like trucks, actual huge semi’s, have run over me. My brain is in a fog, my body aches all over, my back hurts, and I sit here at the desk reading on the laptop until something actually decides to work as it should. Some days this never happens. I’d like to wake up feeling raring to go. That would be nice. It’s all I can do some days to remember to brush my teeth before wandering dazedly to the kitchen to make the coffee. Which is so much easier and safer with my electric kettle. How I love that thing already. I was steaming broccoli and then beets day before yesterday and realized I may not have put enough water in the pot. Boiled some up in the kettle in about two minutes, and poured it in. No waiting for it to come back up to temp, which would have happened if I’d just added tap water to the pot.

Signed up for bloglovin’. They apparently send you emails with posts from blogs of their choosing??? First email  had a sponsored post from Dunkin Donuts. Live bold. All I could think of was, ‘Live bold. Eat donuts.’ Not sure if that was their intention, but I guess it does work. Eating donuts can be a bold move, because you might as well just eat sugar out of the bowl, and we all know how unhealthy that would be. If I’m going to eat a donut, which I almost never do, it’s going to be from Honey Dew, anyway. They make good donuts, which don’t all taste exactly like every other donut like Dunkin’s do.


We used to watch Briscoe County, Jr. with Bruce Campbell. Every week they’d have a little in-joke. One week he was sitting on a bench and a boy came up and handed him a bag. Brief convo, and as boy is leaving, Briscoe says, “Thanks for the donuts, Duncan.” I still laugh at that sometimes. Yes, I know. My sense of humor is weird.

It’s a beautiful day again, Severalth in a row.  I didn’t count how many.  I want to go outside, but just getting dressed seems like a monumental task.  So here I sit.  At least there’s tons to read.  Blogs, FB, Tumblr.  I read a variety of blogs.  I like tech blogs a lot, because I’m always learning something new, whether a new app, a new trick, a new browser to try, how to fix something.  I have learned a lot from reading tech blogs.  The more you know, the less you panic when things go screwy.  It’s a good thing.

Oh, I discovered I can email a fan fiction link to myself, and then read the fic on my phone.  How cool is that?  I usually covert them to text and send them to my Kindle, but the multi-page app that converted all open tabs into a pdf, which I could then covert to text, was taken down by the creator.  Why?  I used that thing all the time.  Otherwise, you have to save each page as text, then cut and paste them all into a notepad page and save that and send it to Kindle.  Very time-consuming, but Kindle does not do webpages or pdf’s well at all.

I need to pay my bills today.  I need to bake that cute little buttercup squash I bought.  I need to, I need to, I need to.  I want to make this apple pie bread pudding I made a week or two ago.  Simplified the recipe, because I am all about the easy, and omg was it ever delicious.  Okay, went to look, can’t find recipe.  Just shoot me now.  This is my life.
I need to go lie down now.  And here’s Gertrude.  Needs some food. I don’t even want to feed her, because she just keeps upchucking all the time, but I can’t starve her, either.  Poor baby.  I don’t know what do to, because vet was NOT helpful and very, very expensive.  Oh, well.


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