was a gorgeous, clear blue sky, low dewpoint, fantastic autumn day.  Went shopping with my friend Tess, first to Cartridge World for, you know, cartridges.  Refilled ones, not brand new.  Four cartridges cost 33 dollars.  I remember paying that much for just one at Staples or wherever.  Then we went to a grocery store that is quite a hike, but so worth the trip.  Store brand is better than local store brand, and better than name-brands as well.  Produce was fantastic.  I bought, cooked, and ate the freshest, tastiest broccoli I think I’ve ever had.  The end was not even slightly hardened over, it was like I had just cut it myself.  Made broccoli salad.  I love broccoli salad.  Steam broccoli, meanwhile mix equal parts plain yogurt or sour cream, mayo, and grated parm.  Keep adding parm til it’s to your taste.  More is better. When broccoli is just crisp-tender, dump it into the mayo mix and stir gently.  Eat hot or cold, delicious either way.  That was my dinner.  It was a small head of broccoli. 🙂

Today I am having recovery day, but that’s okay.  Still getting things done.  Sit, pop up, do something, sit, rinse, repeat.  I do my best work this way and am so happy to be able to do this again.  Except for that time in June, it’s been quite a long time.

Trying hard not to get worked up about politics.  Went through an OMG period there, but now I’m trying to go with ‘whatever happens happens, and we’ll go from there’, but I don’t even want to think about what could happen if orange gas-bag man gets in.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken recently.  The trees are from yesterday.  I love that one tree.  It is so perfect.

Just figured out you can caption pictures. Who knew? Not me, obviously.


October First


Just liked the street lights


The tree in spring


October 5


And again

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