Weird Stuff?


Warning. I may have gone overboard with the images. None of them are by me, either.

So my head has been weird recently. I honestly don’t remember if it started before or after the very loud-buzzing-not-knocking MRI I had last Friday, but something is not right.  My almost non-existent short-term memory exists even less now.  I am clenching my teeth all the time.  I have a mild headache.  I’m off-balance.  I’m even typing like 90 words (mistakes) a minute.  Or it feels like 90, anyway.  500 images in one post.  🙂  Odd things.  Stopped taking the Trazadone, just in case it’s that.  If it doesn’t get better soon, will call my doctor next week. More fun stuff to deal with.


Saw a Wil Wheaton Tumblr post wherein he advocates wearing orange-lensed glasses in the evenings to block blue light, which can keep you from getting to sleep and sleeping well. Had some orange-lensed sunglasses just sitting right next to me, put them on, and wow.  My eyes immediately felt less strained, and I didn’t realize they were feeling strained.  Everything white looks slightly green on the laptop, but it seems very soothing.  Weird stuff.


We’ve had wonderful, beautiful, glorious rain today.  Am wearing two long sleeved shirts and closed the living room window because the wind is blowing straight in from the north, but the  bedroom window is still open.  Freezing is not a good thing, but fresh air definitely is.


The other weird thing is that I’ve also been feeling very out-of-control.  Talking a mile a minute, buying everything I see on Amazon.  Credit card and me, not a good mix right now.  I’m usually much more responsible.  Anyway, bought a Paperwhite on sale.  Why?  I now have four Kindles.  Connected the other three, one at a time, to the laptop and cleaned up what’s on each (different things on different Kindles), then copied everything onto the Paperwhite. And it seems to have the room.  Hope it doesn’t make it slower than slow.  There are over 9600 items. 9600.  That does not seem possible, and I will check for duplicates, although I don’t see how there could be any.  What can I say? I’m a reader.  Weird stuff.


Tomorrow is October.  I like October.  Screw Halloween, I just like the trees and the weather and the sweaters and the hot tea and the fireplace.  October, not weird stuff.  tumblr_nvsao1bo2k1ql08jto9_540



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